Flawless execution of robust and advanced engineering.

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Advanced Manufacturing Solutions and High-Quality Components.

Dalrada Precision Manufacturing creates total manufacturing solutions starting with in-house design and development of the finest machine parts, components, cleaning agents, and more, and ending with an efficient global supply chain. The result? Improved time-to-market capabilities that solve the world’s biggest consumer challenges.

Utilizing the latest technology enables Dalrada Precision Manufacturing to meet the critical quality of today’s advanced products and services for the semiconductor, automotive, aviation, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and clean energy industries.

  • OEM & Custom Precision Parts

  • Clean Energy Technology & Machinery

  • Industrial-Strength Cleaners & Degreasers

  • Semiconductor & Microchip Technology

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LikidoONE - advanced heat pump technology
Semiconductors and deposition technology
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Advanced heat pump technology

Dalrada’s Likido™ONE heat pump was selected for testing by the U.S. Government as a green building innovator to help lead energy transformation through the deployment of new technologies.

These next-generation heat pumps replace traditional water heaters, steam boilers, cooling towers, or chillers and deliver increased efficiency through reduced energy consumption and energy recycling, resulting in lower energy costs.

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Discover how Dalrada Precision Manufacturing is redefining the critical quality of today’s precision parts and machines while solving the unique challenges of our partners around the world. Learn more about our manufacturing and machining capabilities.

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The Synergies of Dalrada’s Manufacturing Companies Increase Time-to-Market Capabilities

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