About Dalrada
Precision Manufacturing

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Dalrada Corporation, Dalrada Precision Manufacturing (DPM) advances the efficiency of industry through engineering excellence – on a global platform.

Since 1984, the company has created real-world solutions for the semiconductor, automotive, aviation, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and clean energy industries, among others. From ideation to realization, Dalrada Precision Manufacturing provides in-house support, including design and manufacturing, that improve time-to-market capabilities and solve the world’s biggest consumer challenges.

Through the latest technological advancements, the company is equipped to solve the unique challenges of clients across the globe while constantly improving its machining and manufacturing capabilities. This allows Dalrada Precision Manufacturing to ultimately become a key strategic partner of many businesses around the world.

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Dalrada Precision Manufacturing is a well-established global presence, operating in several key markets:

Clean Energy Technology and Machinery

DPM’s Likido™ develops advanced decarbonizing solutions for complete energy transition. The flagship machine is the Likido™ONE heat pump, capable of delivering up to 75% energy savings while being seven times more efficient than standard boilers, or chillers. Likido™CRYO is an industrial-grade chiller that provides fast, efficient cryogenic cooling.

Precision Parts (OEM and Custom)

Dalrada Precision Parts is more than a mechanical contract provider or a parts supplier; they are able to engage at any stage of the product lifecycle from concept and design to mass production and coordination. Core competencies include standardized services, manufacturing support, and overall product development.

Semiconductor and Microchip Technology

Deposition Technology (DepTec) continually innovates through the design, development, and manufacturing of precision parts with advancing technologies for the semiconductor industry, producing top-line products in a variety of technical fields. DepTec also manufactures chemical vapor and physical vapor deposition systems.

Industrial Strength Cleaners and Degreasers

Ignite Industrial Technologies develops a revolutionary brand of USA-made industrial-strength cleaners, degreasers, and aqueous parts cleaning solutions designed for commercial and industrial use. Each of these cleaners is non-toxic and eco-friendly for safe applications.

Parts Washers and Cleaning Systems

Ignite Industrial Technologies also provides advanced parts washing technology in the form of its large selection of parts washers. The parts washing machines are designed for small, medium, and large components, and they’re available in different styles and configurations, including manual and automatic.