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Dalrada’s Likido energy solution gains visibility during worldwide oil price hike and shortage

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SAN DIEGO, CA – MARCH 10, 2022Dalrada Corporation (OTCQB: DFCO, “Dalrada”) is privileged to announce that the Company’s clean energy subsidiary Likido is earning serious interest from major commercial entities and top-federal agencies.

Recent attention comes from governmental bodies recognizing LikidoONE’s heat pump capabilities that produce “clean” energy – at a rate seven times more efficient than traditional water heaters and boilers while reducing energy consumption up to 75%. Interest in the unique heat pump stems from aggressive cost-cutting goals in federal buildings and market transformation with new carbon-reducing technologies.

The U.S. government is committed to sustainability and interagency collaboration for clean energy initiatives like Net Zero by 2050, and recent global developments accelerated those efforts. The current administration’s renewed push for clean energy shifts America from dependence on certain petrostates.

Exponentially-rising oil and natural gas costs, and potential embargos, will ultimately prevent the import of fuel sources from oil-rich areas, particularly in Europe. Outside of the U.S., other leading nations are expected to follow suit as a means of jumpstarting energy transition efforts.

At a time when all energy sources are in high demand, to combat worldwide shortages and high prices, fossil fuels may once again be viewed to provide energy. Likido provides readily-available energy and cost-efficient heat pumps that run on alternative fuel sources, not depending solely on natural gas, reduces carbon footprints, and drives global sustainability initiatives.

According to Dalrada Founder & CEO, Brian Bonar, “Recognition as a global leader in clean energy is an honor. It’s our mission to create innovation that positively impacts the world and meets sustainability needs head-on. Becoming a true solution in this space while directly addressing noble and just causes – like our current situation – is what drives Likido forward.

Dalrada leads with disruptive advanced technology solutions to reduce time and expense to market as an alternative to greenhouse gas-producing energy sources that contain fossil fuels. These innovative resources enable institutions, industries, businesses, and government agencies to implement long-term clean energy and Net Zero sustainability initiatives by or before 2050.

Dalrada continuously creates innovative, impactful solutions to address the complex challenges of today and the future. To learn more about Dalrada Corporation, please visit 

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